Thursday, October 4, 2007

My first year with a Second Life (SL)

Well… Where do I begin??? I would have to say that this is a true Blog of how I progressed in Second Life (SL) and became a clothing designer, a script writer, and an object creator. Read on… you might be sorry, but how will you know if you don’t read it?

My Second Life (SL) so far has been a whirlwind. I have been on Second Life since… Yes, my second birthday is …… I admit that it wasn’t easy to get started becoming and being a second lifer. However, if you learn anything from me it will be that I love the friends I have made in SL, every one of them, and I love the things I have learned. SL allows me to develop my creative and artistic side and then share it with others.

I started out on Help Island where I stayed there for longer than a month. I had great mentors and helpers to help me out. I also met and made some friends there whom I will never forget. We don’t keep in contact very much because we have taken different paths inside of SL and most don’t play SL anymore. I like to think of SL, not as a game I play, but something I do and something that I think I am good at… Regardless, I have not always been good at it.

After Help Island I headed out into the world and I first explored the world of SL online chatting. I had several friends help me find out what SL money trees are and how to have interactive relationships, of all kinds and levels, within SL. I found a SL job working as a host/dancer/escort working with Dan Stork and Akee Mill in a place called Panthers. Panthers is a place of the past and no longer exists. Dan and Akee, business partners at the time, got into a fight and well… ended up deleting the business off of the map… Yes… you don’t need C-4 or an H-Bomb to remove a building in SL. Just select it and delete it. I made great friends at this time since life was mainly about partying and experiencing the joys of being free to do as we pleased when we pleased. I began calling Akee and Dan my SL adopted parents during this time and Renee Dapto became my sister. Parting ways was not the easiest thing, but we were all learning and it was time to move on. It was at this place that I discovered that I had a talent for making clothes and other things. I made the T-Shirts for Panthers and Tattoo’s and a few other freebies. I should make a box of freebies… It would be huge though… J As a follow up to this blog I should let you know about all the friends I had and still have as a result to my SL.

My second job in SL was at a new club started by Dan Stork and Akee Mill, after they kissed and made up, where I was a host for their club called Orca Star. I began making more shirts, tattoo’s, and lei’s for the club efforts. It was an Island sim so life was good. I even made kids pajama’s for the adoption agency that Akee started on the side. I opened a shop in the Orca Star Island mall and began selling my meager line of clothing, lei’s and other objects. Life continued to be fun and good for a while when Akee and Dan had another falling out of sorts and the sim was sold before we could blink. I found myself jobless and homeless overnight. I was used to it and immediately started spending all of my time in the sandbox making things to try and sell. I made a lot of acquaintances and friends hanging out in the sandbox. Old friends kept coming around and I just had fun learning how to build objects and make new clothes.

I began seeing Bradford, a good friend I first met at Panther’s, quite regularly. He loved to ask me out to classy places. I found myself ballroom dancing with Bradford every chance I got… which wasn’t often because I also started going to school to get my MBA and I was in a Band (backup vocals). Anyway, I want to let everyone know that I enjoyed all the dancing. His approach to getting to know me was so much better than the frequent suitors that would find me in a sandbox or checking out Amsterdam or some other crazy SL place and would flat out ask me if I wanted to go have sex. Thank you Bradford, you helped me set a new standard. J

I started making dresses instead of T-Shirts. I also tried my hand at scripting since my Real Life job is writing test scripts and test software (and more) designed for testing development projects. I scripted an in-world changeable sign board, a butterfly generating particle maker, a pose-ball couch, and a few other items. With my clothes and my variety of objects I put together enough items to have a yard-sale outside my rented home. That didn’t last too long because my land lord, Dan Stork, had a disagreement with his land lord and poof, my home was once again deleted in the blink of an eye. I moved from one low-cost shop rent location to another. The first two shops I rented on my own eventually failed due to land sales, without refunds to the renters. Yes… There are some dishonest and greedy people in SL as well. Since gambling is present, or at least it was, in SL, I think thievery is and will be present.

I finally landed a shop location with DVP…. This has been a great relationship. I pay my rent and it is amazing, I still have a shop. I have had a shop with Del..VP… now for months and her customers brought me a lot of business. I have been learning the marketing side of SL business, presentation skills, and more through opening up my own shop. While doing all of this I had been going to school in RL to get my MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with an emphasis in technical management. Long story short, one can actually apply business principles learned in an MBA program in SL. There are caveats though. The few that I will mention is that you don’t need to eat in SL, and if you go to all the right sims you really don’t need to be clothed either. J Yes… You can be a happy bum in SL without a care in the world. However, there are so many wonderful things in SL that you can only experience them if you have lindens ($L’s) the SL currency.

After a while working on my own, landing a few custom jobs for clients, and adding items to my little 20 prim (a measure of graphical objects) shop, Dan Stork came back into my life. I soon found myself renting a second shop location from Dan in his new sim creation. If I remember right the island was called “Orgy Island” or something similar to that. So as you can imagine… me a girl selling formal dresses and leis in a place called “Orgy Island.” J It wasn’t bad business turns out… but…

I soon met a man named edo, a very talented business man with a very good eye. I became friends with edo and very soon he took me under his wing (I’m young in SL, but I am actually young in RL too… 24), and before long I started helping manage his approximately 30 men’s clothing SL shops. So, here I am... that sumarizes my SL experience up until now. I am now working under edo as a designer of womens clothing. I am concentrating mainly on dresses of all types, formal, gowns, wedding, cocktail, and more. I welcome you to come to see me in Second Life ( Let me know that you saw my blog, I will be happy to give you one of my freebies, made by me. Here's my latest work... (Adding Pictures Later)